It’s time to ban assault hammers

I thought about not discussing the recent attack on Paul Pelosi by a mentally deranged individual because to me, it has nothing to do with politics.

But even as the news was breaking, I knew liberals were strategizing on how to weaponize the incident and make it political.

I actually started writing this before liberals made their move because I knew it was coming.

And as predicted, within a few hours of the breaking news that Pelosi had been pummeled by an intruder with a hammer, democrat candidates and Joe Biden didn’t let me down.

Biden decided it was a good idea to link the attack on Pelosi to Jan. 6. It was one of several lies he told that very day to include his claim that he has brought down gas prices below the $5 a gallon price that it was on the day he took office.

Liar liar, pants on fire.

Another example of a low-life liberal candidate is Christy Smith, who lost a special election to Republican Congressman Mike Garcia in 2019 and then lost the general election in 2020 to Garcia by just 333 votes. It’s a California district that used to be solidly Republican, but has shifted blue in recent years.

The reason for the shift is because the district became a popular destination for a lot of younger people straight out of their chosen Indoctrination University.

What was that line from, “It’s a Wonderful Life?” Ah yes, “Youth is wasted on the young.”

Within hours of the attack hitting the news, Smith actually focused the blame of the attack on Rep. Garcia, a Navy fighter pilot who flew 30 combat missions in Iraq.

What has Smith done for this nation? Well, she worked as a policy analyst for the U.S. Department of Education during the Clinton administration.

That should tell you everything you ever needed to know about Christy Smith and I can leave it right there.

Before a single detail was released about the attack on Pelosi, Smith blamed the growing threat of right-wing extremism on the attack, and then had the audacity to say that Mike Garcia owed the Pelosi family an apology.

Good Lord. That makes about as much sense as me blaming MC Hammer for Pelosi being attacked with a hammer because the attacker heard him say, “It’s hammer time!”

I swear, following liberal logic is like trying to read an encyclopedia on magic mushrooms.

For you younger folks, an encyclopedia was the pre-Internet Google. It’s where you got your information and did your research.

They showed up on a pallet and a construction crew had to remove part of your roof to lift the entire set into your bedroom with a crane. And you had to do it all over again every few years when the updated sets were released.

As I waited patiently for the actual facts to develop out of this story – which haven’t yet painted a clear picture – it is pretty clear that the guy who attacked Pelosi is your run-of-the-mill nutcase.

Liberals like Smith didn’t bother to wait for the facts, and as we discussed at our last visit, Smith and other democrats won’t acknowledge their mistake.

What democrats will do is ignore the mistake, lie about it and shift the blame to attach it to their ridiculous slogans regarding the ultra mega MAGA crowd, which Biden gleefully renewed while tying this attack to Jan. 6.

I noticed Republicans immediately came out condemning this kind of violence. Smith and other democrats said nothing about a Marco Rubio supporter being attacked by two thugs and hospitalized with a broken jaw.

Democrats didn’t condemn anything when some drunk liberal climbed the stage and tried to stab Republican Lee Zeldin or when a shootout happened in front of Zeldin’s home while his daughters were inside doing their homework.

Hell, they barely said a word when Steve Scalise was shot by an unhinged liberal trying to shoot up a Republican baseball team practice.

And if you notice, even I don’t use these moments of tragedy to link them to the progressive movement as a whole. The incidents mentioned here, and so many others, involve animals who need to be locked up or are just cases of very mentally sick people.

To tie the attack on Pelosi to politics is ridiculous when it is a violent crime and mental illness issue. And if we are going to be honest, it would be much easier to link cases of violence to liberal rhetoric and liberal complacency, which are clearly more “extreme” than so-called “right wing extremism.”

Again, liberals have taken a word like “extreme” out of the dictionary and twisted it into their own distorted definition.

All we have to do is point out the defund the police movement, two years of ANTIFA and BLM burning down cities, record numbers of attacks on law enforcement, and nutcase liberal politicians publicly telling their sheep to harass and “get in the face,” of Republicans at restaurants and wherever you see them.

Hell, even Obama said in 2008, “I want you to argue with them and get in their face,” when he spoke about Republicans and Independents.

And then there is the Squad, whose public anti-semitism could easily be linked to a rise in hate crimes targeting Jews.

There’s also this crazy no-bail policies in liberal cities that are leading to an insane amount of crime and people getting murdered who would still be alive today if these violent criminals were locked up like they should be.

So if you are paying attention, you already know that liberals never condemn violence toward Conservatives. Liberals never scream about gun control when Republicans are being shot.

They spew out talking points only when they believe it will benefit them because that’s just who liberals are and more importantly – as we have proven time and again through science – are part of the mentally ill problem in this country.

Liberal politicians are the real “Silence of the Lambs.” They are the Dr. Hannibal Lecter in charge of the insane asylum.

So it’s the mother of all challenges to address mental illness in America when you have the mentally ill in charge.

I have one simple message for liberals. Don’t worry about the nutcases out there taking a hammer to the head of Paul Pelosi.

Worry about the sane Americans who are standing by, waiting for the collapse of society that liberals are pushing this country toward.

When you push sane America-loving Patriots over that very thin line between civil society and chaos, well, that’s when you have a problem.

We fight the good fight and we do it within the boundaries of our Constitution and in honor of law and order.

But when liberals put a match to the Constitution and strip away our law and order protections, well let’s just be honest: The Tree of Liberty will be fed.

Oh, I can hear my liberal haters now saying I’m the one inciting violence and pushing hate speech. Not at all. I’m just saying that if you get in my face as encouraged by liberal leadership, prepare yourself for a reality check.

I just happen to be the kind of guy that will say what most Americans are thinking because one: I don’t care what liberals think about me, and two: It’s the truth.

So with that my fellow Patriots, I still hold onto hope that it will never come to that possible outcome and that on Nov. 8 – across the nation and in Manatee County – our good fight will restore hope and sanity.

Until then, stay vigilant, stay aware and as always, stay informed.


By Mark Young

Mark Young is a U.S. Army veteran and a seasoned journalist of 25 years. His writing and reporting has garnered dozens of state press association and press club awards in Florida, Nebraska and Wyoming for investigative reporting, opinion writing, in-depth reporting and more.

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