Florida dems attack Amanda Ballard. Here’s why that’s a big mistake.


It’s not often that I will point to what someone I disagree with on so many levels once said, but I’ll give credit to Whitney Tilson despite him being a hedge fund vulture and one of the founders of Democrats for Education Reform.

I know, right? I’m actually going to quote this guy in a positive way.

Now what I’m about to quote isn’t a huge revelation, and it’s been said in a lot of different ways, but it does sum up my basic philosophy about making mistakes.

Tilson said, “The mark of a wise person isn’t never making mistakes – everyone makes them. Rather, it’s the ability to quickly admit – and fix – them.”

Why is that so hard for some people? And why is it mostly liberals who are constantly messing things up and not only won’t admit it, but will attempt to shift the blame?

Mistakes are a part of life and it is indeed the smart person who recognizes their mistake, learns from that mistake and does what they can to make it right.

No one is immune from making bad decisions. It’s the whole point of this decades-long school we call life. It is an essential part of our journey through age to reach that point of truly having wisdom, but only if you take the smart approach about the mistakes we make.

If you choose to ignore them, or blame others for your mistakes, what do you learn? And perhaps more importantly, how the world perceives you begins to change, and not in a good way.

I know this will surprise you, but yes, I make mistakes. Some have been life changing and left me to spend years overcoming them, but I always took the smart approach and succeeded by learning from them. So subsequently, I grew from them.

Some mistakes are smaller, and in the moment. I quickly apologize and try to make it right. I am the first to admit when I’m wrong and no one punishes me more than myself when I know I messed up.

It really just comes down to personal character.

Other mistakes are minor and it’s just something you learn from and move on, striving to make sure it won’t happen again.

An example of the latter is a recent purchase I made. I needed some comfortable tennis shoes so I made two mistakes in making my final decision.

The first mistake is that I bought them online when I know better to buy shoes or clothing online because they rarely fit the way I want them to.

As I looked at various shoes online, the prices were disconcerting to me. Most were over $130. I typically buy one pair of Walmart shoes for $25, wear them for a couple of years until they fall apart and buy another pair.

But I needed something more so I bought a brand I had never heard of before called Just So So shoes for $36 on Amazon. The reviews were solid, it was in my price range, so I went for it.

Well they are slightly too small and my experience with them as far as comfort is, well, so so.

So I bought a brand called Just So So and that’s exactly what I got. Mistake made, lesson learned and I won’t do it again.

We already know how Joe Biden and his minions handle mistakes. They make huge mistakes, deny a mistake has been made, lie about it and then try to shift the blame.

In essence, it’s narcissism, but I believe it goes deeper than that.

So no one can say that these high-level democrats are taking the smart approach to mistakes defined by common sense, and even one of their own in Tilson. Therefore it’s easy to reach the conclusion that these folks are just not very smart.

It’s two plus two equals four. It’s the human condition 101. You either have that level of common sense or not, or in terms of this school of life, you either pass or fail. Tilson should put that simple equation into his Democrats for Education Reform platform instead of indoctrination practices.

Other examples are Charlie Crist making a mistake running against Ron DeSantis and then made a bigger mistake by debating him. Crist got his hat handed to him in the same way it will happen on Election Day. But Crist is not a smart guy. He denies his mistakes, lies about them and shifts the blame.

Local democrats aren’t much better. Have you been paying attention to the plethora of political mailings that have been clogging up your mailbox?

I got one this week about Manatee County Commissioner candidate Amanda Ballard that was off the charts nonsense.

The ad was paid for by the Florida Workers Alliance, which is essentially a liberal political action committee that invented a great name to sound legitimate and does nothing for Florida workers.

They are also based in Tallahassee so congratulations Amanda for making democrats across the state nervous about a Manatee County election. We see how that worked out for Florida democrat operatives who targeted Jason Bearden’s campaign.

The ad has an all black background to make it look ominous and in big bold letters says, “Amanda Ballard is a radical pro-life Republican.”

Oh Lord, first of all, when did being pro-life equate to being “radical” as opposed to the democrats who support aborting a baby all the way up to the delivery?

At that point, it’s just murder.

Democrats really don’t understand the English language very well. They are constantly changing the definition of key words to twist them into something they try to use for their own benefit.

But then again, they do the same thing with facts.

So as you can see, the Florida Workers Alliance has already made a mistake. Did they stop themselves and try to fix the mistake?

Oh no. Flip the ad over and it says, “Amanda Ballard would, “turn victims into criminals, instead of offering them treatment and support.”

Say what now?

That statement has a big red arrow under it that points to a large picture of someone’s handcuffed hands.

Wait. What?

Electing Amanda Ballard would put crime victims in handcuffs? Or are they saying convicted violent felons shouldn’t be in handcuffs because all they need is a little tender loving care? Or both?

I’m confused.

Does anyone fall for this type of nonsense? Is there some poor soul opening up their mail, seeing this kind of ad and saying, “Oh my God! I can’t vote for Amanda Ballard!”

The sad part is that there probably are. These are the same people who get fooled by marketing strategies everyday. They buy crappy products because the packaging is nice.

Democrats do the same thing with candidates. They elect crappy politicians because the packaging made them appear to be something they are not because they didn’t take the time to understand what they are buying.

This is absolute nonsense. And it’s a mistake.

But as we know, democrats don’t learn from their mistakes. They ignore them, lie about them and shift the blame using scare tactics.

It’s a vicious cycle where nothing is gained at the human and spiritual levels that define us as a species. It lacks character. It lacks intelligence. In the school of humanity, it’s a failing grade.

Biden does it daily, as you well know, and I’m still waiting for the alleged 80 million Americans who voted for him to acknowledge their mistake.

If you know a democrat who has confided in you that yes, they realize they made a mistake, please do let me know. Most of the democrats I know who voted for Biden are either ignoring their mistake and staying silent, or are doubling down and saying Biden is doing a great job.

That’s just sick and another example that we need leadership to address the mental health issues in this country.

I know all my fellow Patriots out there see through the lies, nonsense and scare tactics used by liberals. We also know we can’t change the insane faction of the democrat party. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t fix the mentally ill.

It’s those people that we have to live with, but also know they aren’t the majority. There are still some common sense democrats out there. Many of them are switching parties. Many more are just going to stay a democrat but change the way they vote.

That’s all good. But the one thing we can fix is the ignorant. Those are the ones who say things like, “Well, I’m a lifelong democrat so I vote blue all the way down the ballot.”

I know, I know. It sounds a little like the stupid category, which can’t be fixed. But we can learn the difference between stupid and ignorant and know when it’s time for us to reach out to them and tell them: Stay vigilant, stay aware and most of all, stay informed, or in their case, at least get informed.


By Mark Young

Mark Young is a U.S. Army veteran and a seasoned journalist of 25 years. His writing and reporting has garnered dozens of state press association and press club awards in Florida, Nebraska and Wyoming for investigative reporting, opinion writing, in-depth reporting and more.

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