Yet another scandal at Bradenton City Hall by guess who?

What do you get when you cross a mischievous child and the classic angry old man yelling at you to get off their lawn?

Bradenton City Councilman Bill Sanders.

Sanders was forced to release an apology letter this week to a retired Hillsborough County judge for telling people at the Florida League of Women Voters and the Tiger Bay Club, “multiple times,” that the judge had been forcibly removed from the bench.

This, of course, wasn’t true, but it seems not much that comes out of Sanders’ mouth ever is. We’ve documented his lies and bizarre behavior too many times to count, but this is the first time Sanders found himself in a situation where he actually had to publicly acknowledge the errors of his way.

That tends to happen when you publicly lie about a judge.

Sanders wrote in his apology letter that his actions were, “inappropriate, harmful and improper,” and had to admit that his statements were, “slanderous.”

Sanders goes on to beg for forgiveness, but the statement that stood out the most, and quite frankly is hilarious, is when Sanders writes, “These events have taught me a very important lesson: Always tell the truth.”

I spit out my coffee when I read that and launched into a gut busting laughter for five minutes straight.

Truth and Sanders? Those words go together like liberal and logic. They just don’t mix.

I’ll share a little secret with you though. Word on the street is that the judge wrote the letter and gave Sanders 24 hours to sign it, return it to him and make it public.

I can’t prove that but I tend to believe it for two reasons. First, it’s well written. Second, I don’t believe for a minute that Sanders has it in him to actually sit down and write an apology. Maybe he could attach his name to one, but to make it himself? Nah. Highly unlikely in my opinion.

It’s like those old Happy Days shows where Fonzie tries to admit when he’s wrrrrr …. Wrrrrrooo … (wrong.) Fonzie just can’t say it and neither can Sanders.

Now normally a scandal like this would rise to the level of 

“breaking news” this close to an election, but good Lord, it’s been four years of nonstop nonsense. So I guess it’s a case of, “What’s one more time?”

I think Sanders’ reelection bid will be a testament to who really pays attention. He won a convincing, and historic election in 2018 after running one of the dirtiest campaigns I have ever covered as a journalist.

After his campaign antics, it was a shock that he won and an even bigger shock that it was essentially a landslide.

What’s not a shock is how he has governed over the past four years considering the fact that he showed what kind of person he was during his campaign.

I am looking forward to his defeat, but it will still be interesting to see just how many people do vote for him. It will showcase the percentage of people who are so ridiculously naive and uninformed in our Friendly City.

If you missed everything we discussed about Sanders in the past, let’s do a quick recap. It’s worth it.

1. Filed a false criminal complaint against his opponent during his campaign, which BPD proved to be untrue.

2. Made untrue comments about his opponent that led to an unresolved slander suit.

3. Was asked to leave the DeSoto Historical Society’s Seafood Festival for letting people into the VIP section.

4. Assaulted a DeSoto member when he was asked to leave. (It’s on video, but he still denies it.) He’s just lucky that the individual declined to press charges.

5. Became the first city councilman in history to be banned from all DeSoto parades and events.

6. Has raised ethical concerns and has been accused by staff for creating a hostile working environment.

7. An internal IG report essentially summed up that if Sanders’ current political position was a private sector job, he would be fired.

8. Has restraining orders filed against him.

The list goes on my fellow Patriots. It goes on for a good long while, so this is just a summary. I could go on, but do I really need to at this point?

I know I said at our last visit that we have completed our coverage of the upcoming election cycle until after Election Day.

But I’ll ask one last time my Bradenton friends. Vote for Kurt Landefeld. Vote in favor of bringing back honesty, integrity and fiscal conservatism.

And with that my fellow Patriots, you know what to do. Stay vigilant, stay aware and stay informed. For anyone voting for Sanders, I know you are not doing any of those things.


By Mark Young

Mark Young is a U.S. Army veteran and a seasoned journalist of 25 years. His writing and reporting has garnered dozens of state press association and press club awards in Florida, Nebraska and Wyoming for investigative reporting, opinion writing, in-depth reporting and more.

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