Quick Bit: NFL+ is replacing NFL Gamepass as the league’s provider of game replays, coach film, and more.

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Following the trend of so many companies before, the NFL has rebranded NFL Game Pass into NFL+, a service for fans to rewatch games and crunch game film, among other league-related content.

The biggest change from Game Pass to NFL+ is that the league is folding free local game live-streaming into the app, allowing fans to see games in their market on a mobile device in addition to catching replays.

The NFL, to be clear, is still shopping the streaming rights for NFL Sunday Ticket. This is NOT that. NFL fans are going to have to wait a bit longer to figure out where they can watch out of market games. As of now, Apple, Amazon, and Youtube are making strong pushes for the NFL’s golden goose.

NFL+ offers some other features in addition to its on-demand content, including out-of-market preseason games and live radio broadcasts of all games (Game Pass offered the same).

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How much does NFL Plus cost?

The No. 1 question everyone has to know before they purchase something: What is it worth?

One of the big changes from Game Pass to NFL+ is NFL+ is offering a tiered system. In the first tier, subscribers would pay $4.99/month or $29.99/year (soon to be $39.99). That tier offers preseason games (both in and out of market), live regular season games (in market and primetime), game audio (all games for home or away broadcasts), and on-demand NFL content.

The second tier, NFL+ Premium, is the one Game Pass subscribers will be familiar with. It’s $9.99/month or $79.99/year, and it offers all of the aforementioned features alongside game replays, coach’s film, and condensed replays.

Why did the NFL launch NFL Plus?

In a word? Branding. The NFL is adjusting to the ever-changing broadcasting landscape as much as any company is.

By rolling its live game services (which were with Verizon and Yahoo) into its preexisting game replay system, it can have a flashy rollout and consolidate its assets. The NFL, frankly, isn’t actually giving anything new with this service. It’s just packaging it better, which to some might be reason enough to get it.

The bigger issue is the timing, as the NFL continues to negotiate its NFL Sunday Ticket rights. That announcement will undoubtedly be significantly bigger.

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Can I watch out of market games live on NFL Plus?

In a word? No.

During the preseason that will be an option, but out of market regular season games will still only be aired via NFL Sunday Ticket.

In other words, this is not analogous to MLB.tv or NBA League Pass. It is merely a rebranding of a previously existing service.

Will NFL Plus expand once the league finds a suitor for NFL Sunday Ticket?

That is not yet clear at this time.

It would make sense from a branding point of view to roll Sunday Ticket into NFL+ as a different tier, but the NFL is beholden to its broadcasters.

In other words, that decision will likely fall to Amazon, Apple, Disney, or whoever ends up getting streaming rights to the NFL.

Where can I watch NFL Plus?

NFL+ in its current form works on tablets and cell phones for regular-season games.

Unfortunately, that means it will not work through computers and smart TVs, and it cannot be casted because the app’s interface is prohibitive to it. In other words: Small screens only for the regular season.

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