Quick Bit: Quarterback has plenty of studs and sleepers throughout the 2022 fantasy rankings, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to devise a draft strategy for the position. We break down this year’s crop of QBs by tiers and help you formulate a winning plan.

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One of the biggest questions that fantasy owners ask themselves before their fantasy drafts is when they should draft a quarterback. The answer(s) to this question are subjective, as virtually any strategy can work if you hit on the right player. Some fantasy owners opt to draft a top-tier QB like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, or Justin Herbert within the first few rounds, while others look further down the rankings to find a sleeper or breakout pick who can provide better value. Heading into 2022, the outlook for whatever option you prefer remains roughly the same as before.

With quarterback, you always know you can get someone decent. Sure, busts happen – usually because of injuries – but it’s not hard to find a competent QB1. Even if you’re one of the last owners in your league to draft a starter, you’ll get Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins, or Trey Lance – not bad for a mid-round pick.


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