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Remember the pandemic formula: Christian pastors BAD; gay porn star orgiasts GOOD

You might recall Lenin’s formula for determining the moral value of an act: who is doing it to whom? Something that might be a crime when done by a member of a disfavored group could be an act of heroism when done by a favored group.

We saw this in action during the first months of Covid, when the US Government said NOBODY should EVER go outside and congregate in GROUPS. But when the holy and righteous George Floyd died, suddenly the rules of public health and epidemiology were magically suspended, for the sake of fighting racism™ and Black Lives Mattering.

Now it is so with monkeypox, a disease that in the US, only seems to affect men who have sex with men. You could go to jail for holding church services in some places during the Covid pandemic. But now, with monkeypox, hey hey, you can go to all the gay orgies you want to, and brag about it publicly, even after you’ve been diagnosed with monkeypox. Like this dirtbag, a self-styled gay porn star:

You’d better have a strong stomach. This man is scum. More:

Believe it or not, it gets much worse.

I don’t get these people. I mean, he’s clearly a horrible person, but even if you were a horrible person, why would you brag about all this? I suppose that’s part of the depravity. But look, this isn’t an anonymous person. It’s someone who has a name, and who lives in Palm Springs, California. California is the same state where this happened:

In our world, Christian pastors are BAD, gay orgiasts are GOOD. Who/whom, remember? Maybe there is no law under which the gay orgiast Babe the Pig Boi could be arrested and charged for his behavior. But why not? Is that not something we do anymore? Is it the case that going to church and potentially spreading Covid while praising God is BAD, but going to a gay orgy and having sex with 15 to 20 men, is a sacramental act of liberalism, and therefore must be not only tolerated, but celebrated, because Pride?

This is the social order we are supposed to believe in? This is what privilege looks like. Notice that the Canadian news network CTV and the World Health Organization are here engaged in blatant propaganda, for the sake of managing the narrative. The TV reporter blames the outbreak of monkeypox on “a rave in Europe”. Yes, scientists do believe that two raves in Europe were where the current outbreak really began — but they were both gay male raves, and scientists believe it wasn’t the dancing, but sex among the men attending that caused the disease. The WHO expert tells CTV that “this is not a gay disease.” That’s not true, at least not in Europe and North America. They lie. Fauci lied for what he believed was the greater good, and now these lying liars are lying, because they care more about protecting Liberalism’s Sacred Victims than they do the public health, or social justice.

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