Quick Bit: Drivers at a gas station in Rancho Cordova, California, were ecstatic Thursday when something unexpected happened.

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A glitch on its pumps was selling fuel for $0.69 per gallon at the Shell station located on Sunrise Boulevard and White Rock Road, CBS Sacramento reported.

According to the outlet, Darryl Surita posted about the error on his social media profile.

“I looked at the numbers and it was 69 cents a gallon,” he recalled, adding, “So you know what I did, I hit that button and it started pumping and the dollar sign just stayed low.”

Meanwhile, 20 states have gas price averages more than $5.00 a gallon as President Joe Biden and Democrats fail to accept responsibility for the problem, pointing their fingers at Russia and oil and gas companies, Breitbart News reported Friday:

U.S. gas prices reached new heights yet again on Friday as the nationwide average for gas is now $4.986, according to data from AAA. That reflects a 22-cent rise in the last week and a 61-cent rise in the last month alone.

Mid-grade fuel now stands at $5.353 a gallon, and premium has arrived at $5.641. Diesel also broke another record on Friday, reaching $5.753.

“I started looking around and everybody had a smile like everybody had a big smile and they kinda were not looking at you in your eyes,” Surita told the local outlet.

The outlet said the decimal point on the marked price had been mistakenly moved. As a result, $6.99 a gallon for premium was reduced to $0.69 cents, and it took managers three hours to correct the mistake.

Most voters believe the Biden administration is allowing fuel costs to climb to nudge American citizens to use less fossil fuel, a recent Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey found.

According to Breitbart News:

All the while, the Biden administration has refused to take responsibility for ever-rising prices under Biden’s presidency, ignoring the fact that he attacked American energy independence on day one by nixing the Keystone Pipeline and continued the trend by rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and canceling oil and gas leases.

Americans last saw fuel prices average $0.69 cents per gallon in 1978, the CBS report noted.

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