Quick Bit: Kash Patel called on the DOJ to move its Russia hoax trials outside of the D.C. area after a “tainted” jury acquitted Sussmann on Tuesday.

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Sussman is a former Hillary Clinton Campaign lawyer who the DOJ prosecuted on charges of lying to the FBI as part of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the “Russia collusion” hoax. However, a jury acquitted Sussman on these charges after a full trial.

Sussman was a key player in promoting the “Russia collusion” hoax.

As Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak reported:

Sussmann gave the FBI data that had been produced by researchers working with the campaign and that purported to link Trump to Russia via Alfa Bank. The accusation was soon found to be groundless, but was part of the overall “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory that the Clinton campaign used to smear Trump during the campaign and after his victory.

Patel was brought up during Sussman’s trial, as the prosecution used his four-year-old interview with Sussman as evidence. Patel helped then-Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) investigate the “Russia collusion” hoax while Nunes served on the House Intelligence Committee. Sussman reportedly told the committee he “was working for a client when he went to the FBI claiming that computer evidence showed then-candidate Donald Trump was tied to the Russian government via Alfa Bank.”

Patel said that after Sussmann’s acquittal, his faith in the Justice Department was “completely gone.”

“I was the last man who had any faith in D.C. and the Department of Justice. It is now completely gone,” Patel said in a statement obtained by Breitbart News. He then accused the jury pool of being “tainted” and showing its “political stripes.” Patel also condemned the federal court system for allowing three pro-Hillary Clinton Democrat donors to serve on the jury.

“The D.C. tainted jury pool showed its political stripes and barely deliberated,” Patel said. “Having jury members on a case of this caliber that have donated to such high profile Democrats including Hillary and AOC is beyond unethical, yet they are still responsible for making a decision that looks at the evidence.”

“They violated the law and they violated the oaths they took to sit on the jury,” he added.”

Patel also called out Durham and the prosecution for losing a case that “should have been a lock” in light of the “indisputable” evidence. Patel said:

The lie was shown to them in black and white and the evidence was indisputable. This was a case that should have been a lock for the prosecution as the evidence showed completely clear links and trails of data that linked Sussmann to the Hillary Clinton Campaign including billing the hard drive to the campaign.

He went on to call on the DOJ to remove the hoax cases from D.C.’s jurisdiction.

“The DOJ needs to move these cases out of D.C. as it is 100% impossible to have a fair trial in the city. I am appalled at this verdict and appalled at our justice system,” Patel concluded.

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