Shailene Woodley Talks About the ‘Whole New World’ She’s in After Falling in Love with Aaron Rodgers

Shailene Woodley is opening up about her relationship with Aaron Rodgers!

The 29-year-old Big Little Lies actress talked about her engagement to the football star while appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday (July 19).

Shailene was asked if she felt she needed to improve her knowledge of the NFL.

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“I guess I haven’t felt any pressure to, but it’s exciting. The Packers games are the only ones I find really interesting because I have people to actually root for,” she said.

Shailene continued, “But it is a whole new world, learning all of the different—I still am always, ‘Oh, you scored a goal.’ He’s like, ‘It’s a touchdown.’ Or I’ll be like, ‘You crossed the line,’ and he’s like, ‘It’s a yard,’ or whatever… I still can’t get it right, but I’m learning, slowly but surely.”

Shailene also talked about Aaron‘s prep for his Jeopardy hosting gig.

“When I would get home at 8 or 9 p.m., he would still be watching Jeopardy!,” she said. “And I would open the trash can, and I would just see like a bunch of empty to-go containers and milkshake cups that he had ordered on Uber Eats, and I was like, ‘You literally Uber Eat’d and watched Jeopardy! all day long today.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, look at my notes.’ And he had stacks of notebooks of notes that he took and highlighted and went back through. It was actually really inspiring.”

Shailene recently explained why she and Aaron announced their engagement the way they did.

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