Stray Kids Score Their First Double Platinum Award In Korea

The band’s ‘Go Live’ and ‘Clé: Levanter’ are steady at platinum status.

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FDA clears Natural Cycles birth control app for use with wearables

Since 2018, an app called Natural Cycles has allowed women to track their temperature and menstrual cycle as a way to know whether they’re fertile. In that time, the process of using the app hasn’t changed significantly. Every morning when you wake up, it asks that you take your temperature with a basal thermometer and log that data. And while Natural Cycles says it’s okay for users to miss some days, the app is at its most effective as a contraception method when someone is methodical. With typical usage, the software is 93 percent effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies, according to studies published by the company.

Following an application last fall, Natural Cycles has obtained clearance from the FDA to allows users to track their temperature with a wearable device, the startup told Fast Company. With the help of 40 women who used an Oura ring, the company found its software was able to accurately predict when they were about to ovulate. In fact, the wearable helped Natural Cycle better predict non-fertile days. The company said the approval makes it the “world’s first wearable birth control,” in a statement it shared with Engadget.

At the moment, the feature is only available through an invite-only beta, and the company told Fast Company it currently doesn’t have a timeline for when it will widely roll out wearable supports to its users. It plans to first test a variety of different devices, as well as work on its own first-party offering. 

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Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Buy $24 Million Mansion on an Exclusive Island – See Photos from Inside

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are now the owners of a $24 million mansion on one of the most exclusive islands in Florida.

According to The Real Deal, the couple have purchased the home at 36 Indian Creek Island Road, just months after they were rumored to have bought a different home on the island.

Indian Creek, “a gated, guarded island north of Miami Beach, is home to a number of billionaires and celebrities,” according to the site.

The home that Ivanka and Jared purchased is located on 1.3 acres of land, which include the estate, a reflecting pool in front, a resort-style pool in the back, and a large dock. The home has six bedrooms and 8,510-square-feet of living space.

The news of Ivanka‘s new home comes just weeks after a huge report emerged that revealed details about her allegedly strained relationship with her father, former President Donald Trump.

Click through the gallery for over 50 photos from inside the home and property…

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Younique Makeup Fails That Are the Definition of a Scam


We’re back at it with another round of pyramid-scheme fails! If you’re not familiar with the brand Younique, it’s essentially another pyramid-scheme company that calls its employees “Presenters.” The Presenters sell overpriced makeup products to their friends and family, and attempt to recruit people to sell the products as well. The company makes outlandish claims about what the products can do, and they often times employ Presenters who don’t actually know how to apply makeup at all.

Not convinced yet that it’s a total scam? Just let the following pics change your mind.




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Relatable Gamer Content for Geeks Who Play Hard

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Heather Mac Donald on the Black Lives Matter Paradox and the ‘Poison’ of Identity Politics

“The only black lives that matter to the press is [the] handful that are taken by a cop,” says Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald, author of “The War on Cops” and “The Diversity Delusion.” In this episode, we discuss the rise in crime, the demoralization of police across the nation, and the “poison” of identity politics. Every institution and every meritocratic standard is being torn down, Mac Donald says, for having a disparate impact on blacks. It’s “a recipe for civilizational stasis and regression.” Subscribe to the American Thought Leaders newsletter so you never miss an episode. You can also follow American Thought Leaders on Parler, Facebook, or YouTube. If you’d like to donate to support our work, you can do so here. Follow Epoch TV on Facebook and Twitter. 

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Age-based kung fu game ‘Sifu’ gets pushed to early 2022

Absolver studio Sloclap is working on a new kind of kung fu game, Sifu, and it requires a little more time and attention than developers originally planned. Sifu was supposed to hit PlayStation 4, PS5 and the Epic Games Store this year, but it’s been delayed to early 2022. 


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Sloclap shared the new release date in a trailer that also shows off the game’s unique death system. Sifu is a kung fu-inspired game, much like Absolver, but it’s narrative-driven and every time a player dies, they return to the fight as an older version of themselves. Sifu is all about hand-to-hand combat and magical age progression, and it tells a violent tale of revenge suitable for any age — well, teens and up, according to the ESRB.

The game’s first trailer was inspired by Old Boy and today’s video is called, “Sifu – Fight Club Gameplay Teaser,” so we’re sensing a film-centric theme, too.

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[VIDEO] Joe Biden Suffers a 5-Second-Long “Dementia-Like” Moment on Live TV

How much more are we as Americans supposed to put up with?


We’re sitting here watching a man, who is arguably suffering from a raging case of Dementia or Alzheimer’s “run the country” into the ground, and everyone around us – the media, Dems, and even the GOP – are just completely ignore it as if it’s not happening in front of everyone’s faces.

And these people wonder why we don’t trust them?

MORE NEWS: Watch: Jim Acosta Thought He Could “Man Handle” Rep Cawthorn…Boy, Was He Wrong…

Time and time again, the country is utterly humiliated by this senile buffoon who is carried out, and propped up with his earpiece and flashcards, and who can’t string a sentence together on his own to save his life.

And that’s supposed to be okay?

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Nothing to see here…


The fact that the media doesn’t call this man’s sickness out is our biggest proof yet that they’re fake/propaganda news and an arm of the Democrat Party.

Every time Joe gets placed before a camera something goes haywire.

And today was no exception.

While making comments regarding the departure of American troops from Afghanistan (thank you, President Trump), Bumbling Biden had yet another “brain freeze.”

It basically looked like 5-long-seconds of “Dementia illness” happening right before our eyes.

And then when he finally came to, he took credit for the Osama Bin Laden killing that he actually opposed.

This sickly goof doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing or talking about.


Yes, it’s hard to watch this sickly man make a fool of himself, but I’m tired of the White House being used as this man’s personal Dementia unit…

Sorry, but that’s how I feel.


Place him in a real care facility for people with cognitive issues, where he belongs.

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‘It’s Coming Home’: England Fans Boost 1996 Hit ‘Three Lions’ Near Top Of Charts Ahead Of Euro Final

English soccer’s unofficial anthem—with all its self-deprecation and hope—is having a moment.

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Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Trailer Features Chadwick Boseman’s Final Performance as T’Challa

There is a very moving moment in the trailer for Marvel‘s What If…?, which just arrived Thursday (July 8).

The upcoming Disney+ series will explore major events in the Marvel universe.

A two-minute preview aired during a presentation, and featured an unexpectedly emotional inclusion: the late Chadwick Boseman, reprising his iconic Black Panther character, T’Challa.

Chadwick sadly passed away in August of 2020 of colon cancer.

What If…? is scheduled to premiere on August 11 with a first season consisting of 10 episodes. It also features fan-favorite characters including Peggy Carter, Doctor Strange, Killmonger, Thor and more.

One of Chadwick‘s Black Panther co-stars recently opened up about losing the actor, as well as what’s happening now with the movie’s sequel.

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Judge Denies CDC’s Appeal to Keep COVID-19 Cruise Restrictions: This Is About ‘Misuse of Governmental Power’

A federal judge rejected the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) request to keep COVID-19 restrictions on cruise ships departing from Florida after July 18, writing the health agency cannot show a reason why it can exercise such power. The CDC had earlier asked for a stay to the injunction on its conditional sail order. With U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday in a ruling this week, the injunction on the “Conditional Sail Order”—a rule that forces cruise lines to have the necessary requirements and recommendations to sail (pdf)—will go ahead as planned on July 18. All cruises were shut down in March 2020 during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency later issued the Conditional Sail Order in October of last year. But, according to Merryday’s ruling Wednesday, the CDC’s “action is not about what health precautions against COVID-19 are necessary or helpful aboard a cruise ship.” Instead, …

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