Tom Girardi’s Embezzlement Victims Are Able To Collect Money From Erika Girardi Now

Erika Girardi might have nothing to do with estranged husband Tom Girardi‘s embezzlement, but victims can still collect money from her.

A judge ruled this week that the victims, Tom‘s past clients, are able to collect payments from her.

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In a new report from People, court documents revealed that his Tom‘s ex-clients, Joseph Ruigomez, Jaime Ruigomez and Kathleen Ruigomez, are indeed able to collect the substantial amount of $11 million they are owed.

Earlier in the cast, a judge placed a stay on collections from Tom’s assets as he and his law firm, Girardi Keese, continue to be investigated by a bankruptcy trustee after having to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy late last year.

Now that the news broke that Girardi Keese transferred $20 million to Erika‘s various businesses, the victims have been given the all clear to continue with their suit against her.

“All assets identified by the Ruigomez family shall be subject to all rights of the Girardi bankruptcy estate and the [Girardi Keese] bankruptcy estate, which parties shall meet and confer in good faith to determine the character/ownership of the identified assets,” the new document states, later adding, “The Ruigomez Family, the Girardi Trustee and the GK Trustee shall cooperate with each other with their collection efforts against Erika.”

Find out more about what’s happening with the case here…

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Stray Kids, Loona, Blackpink And NCT Dream: Hits Making Moves On The World Songs Chart

More than 10 artists debut songs on this week’s World Digital Song Sales chart.

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16 Times Dumb Kids Were Accidental Comedians


Tiny terrors. Maniacal minions. Kids, while sometimes a total blessing, give us all a run for our money and make insane asylums seem like a sexy vacation. At their worst, their meltdowns can bring us to tears. At their best, they melt our hearts. If we’re lucky, they make us laugh with their histrionic tendencies, creative threats, and inventive spelling. This gallery of snot-nosed gold includes all of the above – and might help you laugh away the pain of being a parent.




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Masked Vigilante Attempts to Snuff Out Olympic Torch With Water Gun

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Here We Go Again…Further Proof The Bush Political Dynasty is One of Our Biggest Enemies

If you need more proof that anything and everything “Bush-related” is one of our biggest enemies in this fight to save this country, look no further than this story.


This is yet another example of how a Bush-empire stooge is out there working with Democrats to try and smear and destroy any part of “America First.”

And don’t think for one moment GW Bush isn’t behind this.

He is.

His globalist foot-soldiers still take orders from the “Big Guy,” and they will do and say all the things that GWB can’t.

Case in point:

MORE NEWS: We Now Know The “Dirty Little Secrets” That Led up to Meghan McCain Quitting “The View”

Former George W. Bush campaign strategist Matthew Dowd went on MSNBC on Tuesday to outrageously claim to host Joy Reid that the January 6 Capitol riot was worse than the September 11 terrorist attacks.

He argued that the Capitol riot was worse than the 2001 terrorist attack that killed nearly 3,000 people because Republicans are continuing the “big lie” that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election, which is ripping our country apart.

“I think it is much worse than it was on January 6,” Dowd said, according to Mediate. “It’s much worse than it was in November. It’s much worse after January 6th. Part of the problem is because there’s been no accountability, it’s given permission to do more of this. Not only it’s given permission to just average people out there who might do crazy things, it’s allowed the Republicans just to continue this big lie that they’ve pushed across.”


“Yesterday I was in Kentucky,” he continued. “I decided to go to Lincoln’s birthplace and his boyhood home. I was reflecting about it because one of the things Lincoln said is, America will never be destroyed from outside. America will destroy itself. I think that’s what I fear about right now. One of the things if you think about this, what would happen if after 9/11 we had done nothing? Think about that if we had done nothing after 9/11.”

“To me, although there was less loss of life on January 6, January 6 was worse than 9/11 because it’s continued to rip our country apart and give permission for people to pursue autocratic means,” Dowd concluded. “So I think we’re in a much worse place than we have been. I think we’re in the most perilous point in time since 1861 in the advent of the Civil War.”


Reid agreed with him, claiming that there has been an “uptick” in white supremacy since the riot.

“Republicans think their base is bigoted and their base is stupid, and that’s why they keep doing what they’re doing,” Dowd stated in response.

This piece was written by James Samson on July 7, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

Read more at LifeZette:
GOP Rep. Cawthorn Tells CNN’s Jim Acosta: ‘I Still Believe The Election Was Stolen’
Kamala Harris’ Husband Doug Emhoff Launches Plans As First Second Gentleman
Ex-Clinton Advisor Dick Morris Admits Trump Prosecutions Are Meant To ‘Keep Him Quiet’

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Nick Cannon Makes First Comments Since Welcoming 7th Child In The Span of Months

Nick Cannon is speaking out for the first time since welcoming his seventh child.

The 40-year-old entertainer spoke on his Power 106 radio show about all the children he has fathered, and said that he’s having all the children on purpose.

“I don’t have no accident,” Nick shared.

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Nick went on, telling his co-host that “there’s a lot of people that I could’ve gotten pregnant that I didn’t. The ones that got pregnant are the ones that were supposed to get pregnant.”

Just moments earlier in the show, Nick admitted he was “like a seahorse out here. That’s just the way I’m procreating.”

Nick is now the father of baby boy Zen, with Alyssa Scott, twin baby boys Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, with Abby De La Rosa (born on June 14), as well as daughter Powerful Queen (born in December) with Brittany Bell.

He also shares a four-year-old son Golden “Sagon” with Brittany, and 10-year-old twins, son Moroccan and daughter Monroe, with ex-wife Mariah Carey.

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Masked Vigilante Attempts to Snuff Out Olympic Torch With Water Gun

Via usamica

While the world watched as Pemex snuffed out a terrifying hell-vortex of fire in the middle of the ocean, many might have missed another notable extinguishing event over the weekend. A 53-year-old woman was arrested on July 4th for attempting to annihilate the olympic flame. In a video recording of the incident, the indignant vigilante waits among a packed crowd in Mito, Japan. When the torchbearer passes, she pulls out her concealed water gun and squirts point-blank at the Olympic flame as she cries ‘stop the games!’ and ‘end the Olympics!’ According to NHK, the protester wanted to send a message, believing it was irresponsible of the government to hold the games amid a pandemic.

27 Amusing Instances Of Dumb People Being Dumb

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36 states launch antitrust suit against Google over the Play Store

According to Bloomberg,

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Rising Orders For Medical Gloves Earns Rubber Tycoons A Debut Spot Among Thailand’s Richest

As the pandemic shredded tire sales, Thai rubber producer Sri Trang Group switched gears to make more medical gloves. The timely move landed cofounders Somwang and Viyavood Sincharoenkul on the list for the first time.

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‘Big Brother’ 2021 Contestants – 16 Cast Members Revealed!

Meet the latest Big Brother cast!

The Julie Chen Moonves-hosted 23rd season of the long-running competition reality TV series debuts tonight (Wednesday, July 7), with 16 castmates set to enter the house.

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One previously announced contestant, Christie Valdiserri, will be replaced by a new contestant, Claire Rehfuss, after testing positive for COVID-19.

Last year, CBS pledged that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) contestants would make up at least 50% of its unscripted series’ casts, beginning with the 2021-22 TV season, as reflected in this new season’s casting.

Season 23′s theme is described as “a high-stakes summer full of Big Risks and Big Rewards, where one wrong gamble could cost them everything.”

Big Brother will premiere tonight at 8/7c with a 90-minute episode in which the new group of Houseguests will move into the newly redesigned house. Beginning Sunday, July 11, the show will air on Sundays at 8pm, Wednesdays at 8pm, and Thursdays at 8pm.

Two contestants from Big Brother got married a couple months ago!

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Movement to Recall Philadelphia DA Faces Hurdles as City Crime Rises

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, a former civil rights attorney aiming to change the criminal justice system, is the target of a movement to allow limited recall elections in Pennsylvania. “Anything we can do to get rid of Larry Krasner, the FOP is in favor of it. Clearly his policies have been a danger to Philadelphia,” Mike Neilon, spokesman for the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), told The Epoch Times. “This talk of a recall—from the FOP perspective, anybody but Larry would be better.” Under current law, Pennsylvania has no recall provisions for any elected position. The state Constitution must be changed before citizens could pursue a recall election. An amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution was first introduced in 2020 by Republican state Rep. Martina White, to allow for the recall of elected officials who oversee local or state executive branches, agencies, or departments. The original bill would have …

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