“Before and After” Pics of Olympian Gwen Berry Show The Dangerous Effects Of Radicalization

Critical Race Theory is a theory born out of Marxism.


In short, this theory proposes that you are either the oppressed or the oppressor based on the color of your skin.

It’s Anti-American, anti-white, and anti-black teaching. It demonizes white people and it makes blacks seem like powerless victims with no control.

This type of teaching is designed to divide the country, which is the purpose of Marxism…class and race segregation.

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So, while they’re now teaching this garbage in grade schools and high schools, this “theory” has been around a long time and is one of the reasons so many college kids are anti-American communist zombies.

If you’re an impressionable kid and are taught to hate your country and dislike other Americans because of the color of their skin, you will eventually morph into something very hateful and very ugly.

We see it now wherever we look – this hatred and disrespect for America. And most of it is coming from athletes, who are using their podium to trash the country that has given them so much.


And the latest example of that hatred occurred during the Olympics when “hammer-throwing” Bronze-medal winner Gwen Berry turned her back when the US National Anthem was played.

It’s truly disgusting and embarrassing to see that type of progressive political nonsense on display.

But the truth is, Gwen hasn’t always been “radicalized.”

A conservative pundit found an older photo of Gwen Berry – before she was radicalized – and it shows a smiling, happy woman with the American flag behind her. He placed that next to a recent photo, where Gwen is holding up a t-shirt reading “athlete activist” at the Olympics.

What a selfish woman.

And how sad that she became so lost…because this country loves and embraces our amazing athletes.

Your child before Critical Race Theory.

Your child after Critical Race Theory. pic.twitter.com/VLorFYSJ4H

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) June 30, 2021

If you hate this country so much, why do you want to represent her in the Olympics? Just so you can use your 15 minutes of fame to spread hate?

This is not who we are as Americans. People like Gwen are from a very small fringe group, who just so happen to have the loudest and biggest-mouths – but they don’t represent the majority of Americans. Not one single bit.


And so, we need to stop being afraid to speak out against this small group of communist bullies who hate this country, and we need to push harder for more patriotism and love of country than ever before…and we need to pray for these lost souls who get racialized with hate, so they can find a better, and more proactive way to fight for good and just causes.


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