Weddings are sold to us as one of the best days of our lives. Unfortunately, the preparation that goes into them can turn out to be some of the worst. For a day that’s supposed to be filled with happiness and love, it sure seems to bring out the exact opposite in a lot of people. Otherwise normal women become raging Bridezillas, freaking out over dress codes and having meltdowns over gift registries. The sense of entitlement that is gained for the sake of a ring on their finger can be completely off the charts.

One prime example was this ex-bride-to-be, who took to Facebook to cuss out her former fiance, maid of honor and most of her wedding invitees after they refused to cough up tens of thousands of dollars for her dream wedding. While there might not be that many people out there that get this obsessed over a single day, unfortunately the wedding crazies are an all-too-common occurrence.

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