Chick-Fil-A Employee Shares Orders They Receive, Wants To Know Why Customers Are Like This

Foodservice can be a taxing industry to work in. The fast-paced environment, formidable Karens and all-round frequent crises mean the average shift doesn’t leave much room to breathe. If anything, that is all the more reason for fast food workers to find the entertainment value where they can.

This is the philosophy behind @etherealloverboy’s videos. An anonymous Chick-Fil-A employee, their account is dedicated to showing off the many strange and occasionally baffling orders that their branch receives. Examples range from customers asking for items that the chain doesn’t even produce to combinations that don’t seem to make any sense (kudos to the person eating mac and cheese with a straw). It’s not all weird customer requests, either. The occasional order or motivational message from other crew members also slips through.

Overall, the insight these videos provide offer a revealing, entertaining portrait of what it’s like to deal with the hangry general public every day. It does leave us with some questions, though, like how do they manage to deal with them all?

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