[VIDEO] Black Father Destroys Critical Race Theory ‘I’ve Got 2 Medical Degrees, How am I Oppressed?’

There are times when you come across a video that’s so good, you watch it two or three times.


This is one of those videos.

I kid you not, I got chills watching this.

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I’m not a parent yet, but when I am, I hope I am as brave, strong and responsible as this guy. His kids are lucky. Damn lucky.

Let me set this up for you – it’s a school board meeting on “Critical Race Theory” and this father, stands up and rips CRT to shreds, limb-from-limb.

He shares his own life story, and how he worked his butt off to get where he is right now – two medical degrees, and he wants to know, “how is that oppression?”

This father says if we allow this type of teaching, our kids will grow up hating one another…he said CRT is the exact opposite of what MLK taught and it’s sending us backward.

Trust me, he says it way better than I am – you just need to listen, and share this for others to see.

You can watch the video below:

Watch this parent absolutely obliterate Critical Race Theory at an Illinois school board meeting:

“How do I have two medical degrees if I’m sitting here oppressed?” pic.twitter.com/gmCRJaphXt

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) June 17, 2021

The left is trying to take over our kids’ minds right now.

That’s what this is about. It’s political indoctrination and white hate.

We can’t allow this to happen…we already know the outcome. We’ve seen what this type of teaching has done to college students…it’s turned them into full-blown communists who hate their country.

Now, the left, who saw how successful this type of teaching was in colleges and universities, is trying to capture kids when they’re younger.


They want to create a scenario in this country where blacks are always victimized and whites are always demonized.

This is not “unity,” this type of teaching will tear our nation even further apart and we must end it.

Keep fighting!


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[VIDEO] Biden Voters Interviewed On The Street Can’t Name One Good Thing He’s Done…

Daily Caller reporters took to the swampy streets of Washington, D.C. to ask Biden voters if they could name one good thing that his administration has done so far.


And as you can imagine, hilarity ensued.

You won’t be surprised to discover that nobody could name anything “good” that Biden himself has done…but can you blame them?

He actually hasn’t done anything good for anyone, so for once these ding-a-lings are actually right about something.

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And ironically, the only thing these numbskulls could come up with for Biden was the vaccine, which of course is all because of President Trump.



You can watch the video below:

These types of videos are always hilarious to watch, but they’re scary too.

It’s frightening to see how low-info and dumb so many of our fellow Americans truly are.


I’m starting to think we need to all pass a basic civics test before we can vote.

Imagine if we had that in place, how much better our government would be?


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Dismembered Female Body Found Near Biden’s “Presidential” Retreat 

The dismembered body of a female was found very close to Joe Biden’s “presidential” retreat.


Hikers stumbled upon the grisly remains at a park nearby the Camp David retreat.

CBS reports that FBI agents in Baltimore are working to identify a woman whose dismembered body was found over the weekend at a park near the Camp David presidential retreat. Authorities on Wednesday said they responded to the national park on Saturday after a portion of a woman’s body was discovered by hikers in Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmont, CBS Baltimore reported.

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FBI spokeswoman Joy Jiras said the hikers discovered a separated foot in a remote area well off any established paths. Jiras said most of the rest of the body was located less than 100 yards away, though another foot and hand were still missing as of Wednesday.

The FBI said the woman had long, dark hair with braids, and was wearing a black tracksuit, wrist guard, and red-colored Nike shoes. She was also found with a Puma handbag and a set of keys, containing an El Salvador keychain, authorities said. The FBI released images of some of the woman’s possessions.


“She was a child of someone, per perhaps a wife or a mom. So, it’s distressing,” park visitor James McDairmant III told CBS Baltimore.

The body was found about a mile from Biden’s retreat.

Officials claim as of now, there doesn’t appear to be a “link” between the retreat and the woman’s body.


But let’s face it, if there were a connection, we’d never know about it…

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After a relentless, pandemic-filled year and a half, we’re all ready for the hot [insert group here] summer that we have been denied for so long. It’ll be liberating to go outside and enjoy ourselves guilt free, and many long-suffering singletons will doubtless be looking for a seasonal romance to go with it.

However, there may be some changes to the methods we use to find love. On Twitter, there has been a meme making the rounds that is all about disavowing Tinder and all of its competitors. With ‘Deleting All Dating Apps To Meet Someone The Old Fashioned Way’, people imagine how they might meet the new love of their life without the help of the internet. Whether they draw on well-known pop culture or simply celebrate being able to have drunken hookups again, one thing is clear: analogue romance comes in many different forms.

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DOJ Sues to Block AON’s $30 Billion Acquisition of Willis Towers

WASHINGTON—The Biden administration has sued to block the merger of two of the world’s largest insurance brokers, asserting the deal could eliminate competition, raise prices and hamper innovation for U.S. businesses, employers, and unions that use the companies’ services. The Justice Department on Wednesday announced the antitrust suit filed in federal court in Washington seeking to stop AON’s proposed $30 billion acquisition of rival benefits and risk consultant Willis Towers Watson. Justice Department officials said the proposed merger would bring together two of the “Big Three” global insurance brokers—the third is Marsh McLennan—and eliminate competition in five markets. They are property, casualty and financial risk, health benefits, actuarial services for certain pension plans, retiree insurance exchanges, and reinsurance. The companies provide guidance to many major U.S. companies on administering health and retirement benefits, with the aim of keeping costs down by managing risk. From the tone of their joint statement …

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Goldencare Home Care Hiring Event – Fort Myers – 6/29/21

Goldencare Home Care is hiring for Home Health Aide positions When: Tuesday, June 29, 2021 from 10am to 2pm Where: CareerSource Fort Myers Center, 6800 Shoppes at Plantation Drive, Suite 170, Fort Myers, FL 33912 What: Looking for Home Health Aide and CNA Positions Employ Florida Job Order #11444317 – HHA/CNA How: upload your resume […]

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What’s Happening With the Entire SCOTUS? Are They All Finally Coming to Their Senses?

Last week, the entire United States Supreme Court said in no uncertain terms that illegal aliens who have been given Temporary Protected Status are not eligible for green cards to permanently remain in the U.S.


This move cuts at the very heart of what Democrats have been trying to do to this country.

The vote was a clean stab to the very soul of the Dems plot…9-0. There were no dissenters at all.

Could it be that the liberal side of SCOTUS even thinks the Dems have gone too far?

Well, take a look for yourself…

Breitbart reported that Justice Elena Kagan, appointed to the court by former President Obama, wrote in a 9-0 decision that a “TPS recipient who entered the United States unlawfully is not eligible … for [lawful permanent resident] status merely by dint of his TPS.”

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Jose Santos Sanchez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, came to the U.S. illegally in 1997. In 2001, Sanchez was provided TPS, a nonimmigrant status that allows him to remain in the U.S. for as long as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) extends TPS for El Salvador.

In 2014, Sanchez applied for lawful permanent resident status, commonly known as a green card, to permanently resettle in the U.S. After the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency denied Sanchez’s green card application on the grounds that he first entered the U.S. illegally, Sanchez challenged the decision in a federal district court and won.

Then, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit reversed the decision, finding that because Sanchez first entered the U.S. illegally, he was not eligible for a green card under federal immigration law.

The Supreme Court held that federal immigration law “applied according to its plain terms, prevents Sanchez from becoming a [lawful permanent resident].”

“The question here is whether the conferral of TPS enables him to obtain [lawful permanent resident] status despite his unlawful entry,” Kagan writes in the Court’s opinion. “We hold that it does not.”


This is a big ruling and a huge victory for our side, which does not want to flood our country will illegal aliens at every turn.

And another reason this is so big is that it’s the third 9-0 SCOTUS decision on immigration in the past two weeks.

The Court unanimously ruled against a previously deported criminal illegal alien who sought to avoid deportation.


And 2 weeks ago, the Court unanimously reversed a Ninth Circuit appeals court decision that helped grant immigration relief to illegal aliens seeking asylum to stay in the U.S.

Could the tide finally be turning?

This is why we must never stop fighting.

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