Few internet phenomena have developed at the alarming rate of men’s thirst traps. Gone are the days when a partially clad mirror selfie would satisfy attention seekers; it’s now a whole process involving ring lights, mood music and worst of all, meticulously planned video.

The time when half the population seemed hellbent on perfecting a Lin-Manuel Miranda lip bite was bad enough. Yet somehow, we appear to be in a horrible new era of embarrassing, romantically inclined content creation. Twitter users seized on an example of this over the weekend after discovering the work of TikToker @spencermumford.

In particular, one video attracted all the wrong kind of attention. In it, Mumford lipsyncs and winks at the camera while proclaiming that he is attracted to the “Big Hearts” of women in a long list of ethnicities. To apparently prove his point, he announces that he “love[s] rhythm” with some alarmingly offbeat dancing and seemingly out of nowhere, professes his love for the soundtrack provided by Nigerian musician Burna Boy.

Despite his attempt to charm, Twitter was less than convinced by his confused and slightly terrifying efforts. If there’s one takeaway from this trainwreck, it’s that nobody becomes a heartthrob by being tryhard.

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