Clowns have been having quite the moment over the past few years. “Jokerfied” has become a verb. Thousands of women have been Harley Quinn for Halloween. It had a new opportunity to become a household name. Despite all these prominent media moments, we (as a society) are overlooking the biggest clowns of all: ourselves.

That’s right. Somehow, the human race has managed to make jesters of themselves on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s convincing yourself that you matter to your corporate overlords, or if you’ve convinced yourself that you can change your toxic partner, we’re constantly subconsciously donning giant shoes and making a mockery of ourselves by playing dumb. But we’re not alone. Pretty much every living, breathing human with an ounce of empathy, heart, or soul has themselves up for clownish disappointment. And boy, are there a ton of memes out there that reflect just that.

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