Out of all of humanity’s inventions, numbers are by far some of the weirdest. When the Babylonians sat down and decided Algebra was a good idea, you know they must’ve been seriously bored.

That said, we’ve got to acknowledge that calculations are a big part of the reason that we have come this far. However, that doesn’t stop a lot of people from being suspicious of them. Just months after Twitter went into meltdown after somebody proposed that math isn’t real, it’s been dumbfounded again by a smaller arithmetic-related dilemma. It’s shocking, it’s upsetting, it doesn’t quite seem real, but unfortunately, the numbers check out. Eighty seven is fully divisible by twenty nine.

The screenshotted revelation has divided social media, with those who are losing it being countered by others who have pointed out that the calculation obeys some fairly simple mathematical rules. This one goes out to all those who spent math class staring out the window; this was the kind of bullsh*t they were pulling while we weren’t listening.

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