Can’t sleep? Perhaps a bedtime story will help.

Once upon a time, there was a foolish little millennial who couldn’t stop taking his phone to bed with him, which exacerbated his crushing insomnia. No one could help him–he didn’t heed advice from doctors, close friends, or even his wise old neighbor who warned him against the dangers of sleep deprivation. “Want to know how I got to be one hundred and ninety years old?” she asked him one day as he walked by looking like a sad raisin, “I sleep twenty hours a day, like a cat.” The night of the encounter with the wise old neighbor, the sleepy man was determined to change his ways once and for all. He consulted his go-to resource for matters such as these: YouTube. One video about meditation led to another on restfulness, and then another on lucid dreaming techniques. Soon he was buzzing with excitement, “I am going to be the most well-rested bastard who ever lived!” he gleefully exclaimed to no one. But then a soft, yet menacing glow radiated through the window and caught his attention. “No, it can’t be…” he thought to himself as he slowly reached for his phone. It read “5:30 a.m.” The exhausted millennial dropped to his knees and cried out in defeat, fists shaking toward the sky as the mourning doves cooed.

Still awake? Wow, it’s worse than we thought. Here’s some relatable memes to keep you company through the bouts of insomnia.

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