Sleepy Memes for the Terminally Exhausted

Can’t sleep? Perhaps a bedtime story will help.

Once upon a time, there was a foolish little millennial who couldn’t stop taking his phone to bed with him, which exacerbated his crushing insomnia. No one could help him–he didn’t heed advice from doctors, close friends, or even his wise old neighbor who warned him against the dangers of sleep deprivation. “Want to know how I got to be one hundred and ninety years old?” she asked him one day as he walked by looking like a sad raisin, “I sleep twenty hours a day, like a cat.” The night of the encounter with the wise old neighbor, the sleepy man was determined to change his ways once and for all. He consulted his go-to resource for matters such as these: YouTube. One video about meditation led to another on restfulness, and then another on lucid dreaming techniques. Soon he was buzzing with excitement, “I am going to be the most well-rested bastard who ever lived!” he gleefully exclaimed to no one. But then a soft, yet menacing glow radiated through the window and caught his attention. “No, it can’t be…” he thought to himself as he slowly reached for his phone. It read “5:30 a.m.” The exhausted millennial dropped to his knees and cried out in defeat, fists shaking toward the sky as the mourning doves cooed.

Still awake? Wow, it’s worse than we thought. Here’s some relatable memes to keep you company through the bouts of insomnia.

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[VIDEO] Well, Someone Had to Finally Say This About Kamala, Might as Well Be Meghan McCain…

On Friday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” conservative co-host Meghan McCain ripped into Kamala Harris, going so far as to call the vice president a “moron.”


McCain went off on Harris as she welcomed Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) to the show.

“Vice President Harris was in Guatemala this week telling people seeking asylum in the U.S. not to come,” McCain began. “Warning that they will be sent back. She is also taking heat for not visiting our own border yet, saying she’ll go at some point.”

MORE NEWS: OANN Claims Justin Trudeau Wass Overheard Saying Something Very “Damning” About Biden During G7

“Even some fellow democrats think she is handling the crisis wrong,” she added.

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is one such Democrat who has attacked Harris, calling her rhetoric about the border “disappointing,” according to The Wrap.

“I thought she sounded like a moron when she was talking to Lester Holt,” McCain continued. “Her nervous laugh is making me nervous that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”


McCain was referring to Harris’ infamous interview with Holt in which she was asked directly why she hasn’t visited the border.

“And I haven’t been to Europe,” Harris replied with a laugh. “And I mean, I don’t understand the point that you’re making. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.”

.@SenJoniErnst tells @TheView it’s “imperative” that Vice Pres. Harris visits the U.S.-Mexico border: “The longer she waits, the harder it is for her to explain why she hasn’t gone to view this crisis herself.”

“Let’s figure out the solution.” https://t.co/f8u2wbJuik pic.twitter.com/dpFYhkqUcH

— The View (@TheView) June 11, 2021

This came one day after former “Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera attacked Harris on “The View” for telling migrants not to come to the border.

“For me, what she said is essentially telling a drowning person to stop flailing for their life, to not do the one thing that might save them or their child,” she said. “It’s not only incredibly ineffective, as she knows, it’s cruel.”

“That’s such a disappointment because Vice President Harris and President Biden promised compassion,” Ferrera continued. “They promised humanity. They promised we were going to bring humanity back into our country’s governance, including our immigration policy. That was not humanity. That was not compassion. It was more of the same that we’ve been hearing for decades.”


“Quite honestly as somebody who campaigned for, rallied and voted for Biden and Harris, it’s a slap in the face for all of the immigrant advocates who believed, you know, what they promised, which was change and compassion,” she said. “So they know better, and they should do better. I’m not under the impression, never was, that we were electing perfect people.”

On VP Harris’ message to migrants seeking U.S. refuge, America Ferrera says she felt “extreme disappointment.”

“As somebody who campaigned for, rallied and voted for Biden and Harris, it’s a slap in the face for all of the immigrant advocates who believed what they promised.” pic.twitter.com/FHUi89C3Ax

— The View (@TheView) June 10, 2021

This piece was written by James Samson on June 13, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Musk Says Tesla Will Accept Bitcoins When Miners Use More Clean Energy

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Sunday that the electric carmarker will resume allowing bitcoin transactions when miners who verify transactions use more renewable energy. “When there’s confirmation of reasonable (~50%) clean energy usage by miners with positive future trend, Tesla will resume allowing Bitcoin transactions,” he said in a tweet. Bitcoin rose 5.1 percent to $37,360.63 at 1810 GMT (2:10 p.m. ET) on Sunday, adding $1,817.87 to its previous close, after Musk’s tweet. Musk also said that Tesla sold about 10 percent of holdings to confirm bitcoin could be liquidated easily without moving market. He announced in May that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin for car purchases, citing long-brewing environmental concerns for a swift reversal in the company’s position on the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin fell more than 10 percent after his tweet. The billionaire said that he believed cryptocurrency has a promising future, but it cannot be at great …

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Americans Disturbed Over New Photo of Jill and Joe With Queen Elizabeth

The G7 summit will go down in history as Joe’s worst hour.


I didn’t think anything could be worse than that absurd “first” press conference that he did, but he’s managed to top it, and that’s not good news for America, because he’s making us look like a weak, absurd laughing stock on the world’s stage.

MORE NEWS: OANN Claims Justin Trudeau Wass Overheard Saying Something Very “Damning” About Biden During G7

Biden has been caught on video aimlessly wandering around a random cafe until Jill “rescued” him, he’s made so many blunders that I’ve lost track, and he’s gotten so confused, that he caused a group of world leaders to bust out in awkward nervous laughter.

And if that’s not bad enough, Biden looks old, feeble, and shaky.


But his Handlers are determined to make Joe appear “cool.” So, when he and Jill went to meet the Queen, they stuck a pair of sunglasses on Joe.

It looks ridiculous. Now, I don’t know if they were trying to make this senile buffoon look hip and young, or maybe his pupils were dilated from a medical cocktail, either way, it looked downright silly and out of place – especially with all the other nonsense that’s been going on in England.

Here’s the photo that’s causing all the buzz:

Wearing aviators to meet the queen pic.twitter.com/H9AxtRLABN

— AntifaBook.com (@JackPosobiec) June 13, 2021

And here are some of the comments:

“Is… Is he indoors as well? They’re really trying to push the “I’m a cool, hip president because aviators, fellow kids” thing still?”

“This looks so stupid. Why would they put him in those sunglasses?

“His masters are really trying to make those sunglasses his trademark lol ”

“Joe looks like the blind guy at the nursing home”

“He should have been wearing those “Groucho glasses” way more fitting”

“PR people actually think those sunglasses make him look young lmao”

“He wears them so they can’t see he is dead inside. The lights are on, but no one is home. No one has been home for a while now.”

“He’s wearing them because his pupils are dilated from the Adderall.”

“Remarkable woman, performing her duty. Which very often is to keep up appearances and pretend it’s not a clown world.”

“Jill looks relaxed doesn’t she LOL”

“What’s with that bandaid on Jill’s leg. Why isn’t she wearing hosiery to cover those legs?”

“Jill could definitely use some hosiery. Just saying.”

“One doesn’t stand on Her Majesty’s right, does one?”

“Jill’s feet and legs look horrible! I wonder if she is using Michelle Obama’s stylist? Ewwwwww”

“Jill’s feet look like Joe’s hands.”

Jill’s feet look like Joe’s hands. https://t.co/gOsfrjrL6d pic.twitter.com/FY24fGJceE

— Amy (@RestingTwitFace) June 13, 2021

Two people that don’t know what they’re doing, and look totally unnatural in their skin, because they’re actually not supposed to be where they are.


They know it, we know it, and now, the entire world knows it.

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‘Not My Job’ Moments Of Creative Incompetence

Every now and then we see someone that has actually gone out of their way to avoid doing something that is above their pay grade – or below it. And we can’t help but almost admire them. The “Not my job” attitude is one that exudes healthy self-worth, and enviable determination. These 50 instances are some of the more amusing (and impressive) times people just “noped” their way out of responsibility. We hope this is a skill we can learn someday.

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20+ Exceptionally Dumb And Amusing Snapchats

For many people, Snapchat is unavoidably associated with all things cringe. Its reputation for oversaturated selfie filters, swapping nudes and its infamous screenshot notification feature have given its users a reputation for being laughed at rather than laughing with. 

Despite this, the platform has provided more than its fair share of funny pictures that stand the test of time over the years. If there’s one thing good Snapchats do well, it is the supreme dumbness showcased in the examples here.

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An Acquisition Voyage Sets Sail: World Insurance’s COO Frank Costa Discusses His Company’s Strategy with Risk & Insurance

New Jersey-based World Insurance, LLC is in the middle a rebrand. It’s also making some noise on the acquisitions front.

Founded in 2011 with just five partners, the brokerage firm, now backed by Boston-based Charlesbank, has since completed 102 acquisitions and is still in the hunt, with acquisition targets averaging in the $3 million to $5 million range.


Its product mix falls roughly at 60% commercial lines, 15% personal lines with an additional 20% or so in employee benefits.

Frank Costa, the company’s chief operating officer, conversed with Risk & Insurance® on the company’s strategy, its appetite for acquisition and what the future holds. The following is a transcript of that question-and-answer session, edited for clarity and length.

Risk & Insurance: It sounds like you’ve been in acquisition mode for a while now, correct?

Frank Costa: We have and I’m happy to share that evolution with you. One of the reasons we’re very heavy on the commercial side is because our early acquisitions were what you would expect. They were smaller community-based and independent agencies.

Typically, they didn’t have a perpetuation plan. The owner is a baby boomer, his kids or her kids aren’t interested in insurance. That was a big part of our initial business. And we were making smaller acquisitions, books of business somewhere in the $300,000 revenue range to a million dollars. And we plodded along in that way. And frankly, anything that came our way, we would try to make it work.

Fast forward, we’ve completed 102 acquisitions since. There’s been a very intense surge in acquisitions in the last two and a half years. And in the last year, with the funding from Charlesbank, the dynamics now are much different.

Today we are extremely selective. We really want to have that prime book of business. Our transactions are much larger and include expanded territories. Our average transactions range between three and five million dollars in revenue. Our largest acquisition ever was April 1st, that was a $30 million acquisition.

R&I: Which acquisition was that?

FC: That acquisition was Scottish American. They have a presence in 14 states. We have a pipeline right now where we’ll probably complete another 30 acquisitions easily this year.

So from an original $850,000 book of business, our firm now has grown to a run rate of over $250 million in revenue. Our goal with Charlesbank, and you know the way private equity works, is to hit $500 million within five years. Even though we’ve only been with Charlesbank for a year, we are in year two of that goal.

It’s been a great run and there are still 32,000 independent agencies out there. There’s still a big universe of folks that we have not spoken to.

R&I: You mentioned that dynamic of the baby boomer agency owner and they’re ready to get out. The kids aren’t interested, so it’s time to sell, right?

FC: That’s absolutely right. That’s been a good part of the business. And with those acquisitions, it’s not just about the multiple of EBITDA. It’s not just about the book of business and the profitability just to add more premium for the sake of more premium.

The really good thing is that with each one of those acquisitions, we get a lot of talent. If you look at my producer base right now, I have 175 producers, many of whom are the former agency principals. I don’t have to go out and recruit new producers and pull people from the pharmaceutical industry and train them. I have seasoned producers built in as a result of the acquisitions. That gives me a tremendous advantage.

R&I: That runs counter to one of the storylines in insurance. Everybody’s going to the colleges to look for talent and your team is saying, “No, I’m just going to acquire the experience.”

FC: Exactly. Growing to a firm our size, (1,300 employees and about 160,000 clients) that has capabilities in very specialized areas like medical malpractice and aviation and environmental, that’s a result of those acquisitions as well. Dan, it’s not just about the book of business, it’s also about the talent. And I’m very proud of that. The World story is very big on the merger and acquisition side, but I don’t want to minimize the organic growth side either.

R&I: So thanks for the employment numbers and the client number. You’re based in New Jersey, right?

FC: Our headquarters is in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, because that was the first big office. I’m talking to you from our office in Metropark, in Edison, New Jersey. We have roughly 20 offices in New Jersey. But we’ve expanded to where currently we have 135 offices in 28 states.

R&I: So 28 states, are we talking mostly Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, South at this point?

FC: We’ve covered the entire Northeast all the way down to Florida. We have a high concentration in certain states. Florida’s got 13 offices. Texas has five. We have 14 offices in Kansas and Iowa. Virginia is growing quickly. We’ve really branched out.

We have a presence in Indiana and Illinois. With this last acquisition, that was the first time that we have a presence in California. California, in case you haven’t noticed, is a little bit different for our business. Our plan is to be national. But we’re not growing intentionally geographically.

We’re not saying, “Oh, wow, we have to be in Montana.” We’re following opportunities, but we are doing it naturally, it’s going to happen where we’re going to expand to all of those states.

A key element there, talk about talent, is we’re not going to go into a state where we don’t have really solid boots on the ground. We want to make sure we have a leader present. And we want to make sure that we can build around that leader to expand within that state. That’s a critical part of our model as well.

R&I: That makes a lot of sense. It reminds me of that regional hub concept that you hear about in distribution focusing on that veteran leadership, right?

FC: We think that’s essential. What I would want you to know that I think is different in terms of our model is that unlike many of our competitors in the M&A space, where they just acquire the agency, they let it continue to operate as a profit center, as a separate unit, we integrate everything. Everyone comes onto our database management system. Everybody comes onto Applied Epic.

We have centralized accounting, centralized IT, centralized HR. The claims division is centralized. Our marketing is centralized. And the importance of sharing that with you is that even though we’re spread out all over the place, we actually do operate as one company, as one agency. Everybody’s working off the same workflows and procedures. And we think that’s a definite advantage and gives us flexibility.

R&I: I think definitely when you’re talking about M&A and how that can go if things aren’t integrated. Yes, it is an important point. What’s your background, Frank?

FC: This is my 35th year in the business and I still love the business I’m happy to say. I still have passion about it. And I still learn something new every day.

I had my own insurance agency for 12 years. That’s how I got into the business, literally starting that agency out of the basement of my home in Northern New Jersey.


I sold it after 12 years to a regional agency, became a sales manager and continued producing business. I did that for eight years, sold my book once more to Frenkel & Co. Frenkel at the time before the EPIC acquisition was an international brokerage. I ran small commercial and middle market out of Jersey City for Frenkel. And I was there for almost 10 years.

And the CFO at Frenkel, Rich Eknoian, who is the CEO of World Insurance was my best bud at Frenkel. So two years and a day the story goes, after Rich’s non-compete and non-piracy ended, he rang me up. He said, “We really could use a chief operating officer for our little company.” And I said, “Where do I sign?”

That was in 2017. I was the 47th employee of World. And it was without a doubt, the best move of my career. That’s a quick stroll down memory lane for you.

R&I: That’s great to hear and learn about you, Frank. It’s been great to meet you. We just have a couple more questions because you covered a lot of what we wanted to talk about. You did mention the aviation focus and med mal and environmental, is it fair to say those are some pretty promising growth areas for you?

FC: I think they are some growth areas. It gives us a competitive advantage because not every broker has those capabilities.

We’re trying to maintain balance. A lot of our book is a generalist book of business. We do want to be all things to all people because everybody needs help in terms of risk management and insurance.

World is licensed and directly contracted with 250 carriers. So we have considerable market capabilities. I would say to you that our strategy is a very balanced strategy. I don’t want to turn anybody away. We invite small commercial.

We like middle market. We have a lot of personal lines clients. But we also want to have those differentiators. Those areas where the competition is not as severe like aviation, like med mal. We really thrive on hotels. We insure about 1100 hotels, about 900 restaurants. We like hospitality.

World has an orthotics and prosthetics professional liability program. That’s how specific we can get if we have the expertise and we’re going to continue to grow those both out.

We’re going to continue to expand with our bread and butter, but we’re also going to really highly focus on the specialty areas. I think that’s where our industry is going, generally. The expectation of the specialist is more and more a part of our business.

R&I: And it’s really the small commercial and middle-market is where you operate, correct?

FC: That’s right, although we do have several large national accounts. Because if you look at the characteristics of our acquisitions, especially the early ones, those local community agencies, that’s what they did. They had small commercial and personal lines clients.

As we get larger acquisitions coming in, we’re starting to build out our middle market, which is exciting. Last week we contracted with Globex. So now we have a true international reverse flow activity. Reverse flow was one of the things that I had as my responsibility at Frenkel, and I always loved that business.

I love the dynamics of the global broker and U.S. client and now we’re in that business. I think you’re going to continue to see a lot of that type of thing happening at World.

R&I: You mentioned some things that distinguished you, I think, pretty clearly. You talked about your approach to acquisitions, the fact that you’re getting more selective, your approach to leadership and talent acquisition. Are there other things, and you’ve mentioned some lines that you think are interesting. Are there other things about the firm, Frank, that you think our readers would benefit from knowing in terms of what distinguishes you in the market?

FC: I appreciate you asking that question. We’re in the throes right now of revamping our website and our branding. And I share that with you to say that World has an internal chief marketing officer and a team of marketing people. I think that it’s essential in our business.

Insurance has always been a very traditional relationship driven, let’s get together for lunch type of a business. That’s still an important part of the business. But equally important is that you can’t ignore the technology. We’re not going to let the technology overtake our ability to serve clients.

So we’re very focused right now on having platforms that this generation especially, expects. If they can’t get immediate gratification, if they can’t get immediate response, then we’re going to lose that opportunity.

I think another differentiator is where many of the larger agencies and many of the traditional agencies have either been resistant against the technology or have said, “I can make do without it,” we don’t think so.

We think that unless we embrace the technology and we optimize it, we’re not going to see the growth that we could see. The other thing too, is we’ve expanded our services, for example, on employee benefits. Employee benefits is a big part of our business because it’s such a painful discussion with clients and volatile market.


Nobody likes their health insurance. And the old days of just being able to spreadsheet out alternative benefit structures, those days are gone. So we have World Payroll and HR where we offer payroll services. We offer HR consulting, we offer human capital management as part of our overall employee benefit offering.

I think offerings like that are going to become more expected over time. And I think we’re leading that charge right now where we just don’t want to be viewed as insurance salespeople. We want to be viewed as a valued asset. It just so happens that insurance is a part of that deliverable. So I hope that helps in terms of our mindset.

R&I: We talked about differentiators but was there anything else that was top of mind for you, Frank, or that you had in mind when you were thinking about this conversation that you wanted to talk about that I didn’t ask you about?

FC: No, I think we covered a lot of ground. I really appreciate your interest in our agency. We’re super excited. I think you’re going to see us climbing those charts in terms of the size of our company. Our new branding is “Large Resources, Local Relationships.”

That really sums up our culture. We want to do great work for our clients and engage more professional agencies to join the World family. We are very excited about the firm and what the future holds in case you haven’t noticed. &

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Cringey Lies From Internet Attention-Seekers

We’ve got to hand it to these people. While we’ve been struggling with writer’s block, trying to cover the dumb shit that happens on the internet in a simple, yet reasonably thoughtful way, there are clearly plenty creative writers having an easy go of it. But don’t let their details or specificity fool you – these people are masterminds of fiction. 

Though most of us would like to consume approach the world with less skepticism, the more time we spend on the internet the harder it gets. On Twitter there are hordes of parents fabricating stories about how their 2 year old is an emotional or intellectual savant. Anti-maskers celebrate highly dubious acts of rebellion. Influencers claim that women fall at their feet. Some of them are straight up seeking attention, or some validation to fill some kind of void in their souls. Others have more of an agenda. But they’ve all got one thing in common: being incredibly cringeyliars.  And we’re here to share some of that cringe with you. 

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Royal Family Has Finally Decided It’s Time to Go to “War” With Meghan and Harry

It’s been one week since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their second child, a baby girl they named Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. While Meghan and Harry claimed that they had asked the Queen first before naming their daughter her nickname, a palace source has since told the BBC that they never actually asked for permission.


Now, royal expert Rebecca English is speaking out to say that the royal family is finally “standing up” to Meghan and Harry in this clash.

“Absolutely, it is really significant,” she said of the palace’s response, according to The Express. “The BBC’s report produced an absolutely stinging response from the Sussexes. First through a spokesman saying the Queen was the first person they called and that they would not have gone ahead with the name if the Queen was not supportive.”

“But then, through their lawyers, they issued a legal warning, describing the BBC piece as defamatory,” she added. “We don’t know whether this is a deliberate leak by Buckingham Palace or the Royal Family or if it’s a courtier whose gone slightly rogue. When I asked the Palace, nobody there was knocking it down or disagreeing with what the BBC had to say so that does add a lot of credibility to the report. The BBC is absolutely standing by their story. Who knows whether this will go?”

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Russian TV Says They’ve Got “Real” Scoop on Controversial Clip Of Joe and Jill…It’s Damning

The Queen was given the nickname “Lilibet” when she was a toddler because that was how she pronounced her name, as she could not pronounce “Elizabeth.” The nickname was used by her grandfather King George V and also by her late husband, Prince Philip, who died just two months ago. Renowned royal expert Ingrid Seward has said that the Queen is likely “confused” by the decision to name her great-grandchild Lilibet.


“How charming that Harry and Meghan have decided to call their daughter Lilibet or Lily as a compliment to the Queen,” Seward said. “But how strange as they profess to want to remove themselves from royal life that they have chosen to use such an intimate royal nickname for their daughter.”

“It was affectionately used by only her parents and her husband,” she added. “But I am certain she will be pleased and perhaps a little confused that Prince Harry has decided to use this name.”


This piece originally appeared in UpliftingToday.com and is used by permission.

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Here’s Why Clint Eastwood, 91, ‘Doesn’t See Any Point’ In Marrying Longtime 56 Year-Old Girlfriend Christina Sandera

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23 Funny Instances Of Kids Being Dumb

Some of us may not want to remember the dumb things we would do as children. Whether it was peeing into the vents of the family home (Sorry, mom) or harboring the thought that women don’t poop, kids really are apt to doing (and thinking) the darndest things. The r/KidsAreFuckingStupid subreddit is full of these sorts of anecdotes, submitted by people who are marveling at their own childhood stupidity, frustrated and bemused parents, and people who may have seen a tweet they couldn’t help but share. And we’ve got a bunch of the forum’s best tidbits right here to share with you. 

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