CNN’s Chris Cuomo has made a fool of himself AGAIN.

Recently Cuomo came under fire for possibly lying about the size of weights he uses while working out.


Check it out:

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From National File

Cuomo has made the claim that he uses the 100lb dumbbell at the office as a form of light workout multiple times, with one photo showing him casually holding the weight aloft, arm muscles relaxed, while he types nonchalantly on his keyboard with the other hand.

Cuomo’s claim has been called out as false by professional bodybuilder Mark Lobliner, who attempted to replicate the television personality’s incredible feat of strength.

Despite being visibly buffer than Cuomo, Lobliner demonstrated the difficulty of pressing 50lb and 80lb dumbbells while casually typing with the other hand, and was wholly unable to assume the same position as Cuomo with a 102.5lb dumbbell.

“If you are a part of the lifting community or know anybody who is, there’s one thing we hate, and that’s when you fake it. Because that makes what we do look insignificant,” Lobliner said. “I’m confident those are fake dumbbells, and I’m also willing to bet Chris Cuomo $1,000 that he can’t sit at a desk holding a 100-lb dumbbell, typing.”

What a fool right?

Well Tucker Carlson just slammed in the most hilarious and subtle way possible:


Tucker has always been a master of the chyron.

You’ll remember his hysterical mockery of sleazy lawyer Michael Avenatti when he had “Creepy Porn Lawyer” displayed at the bottom of the screen during his Fox interview with him.

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